As a Reiki master, I can perform Reiki on you or a pet as I am also certified in animal Reiki ($50 per additional pet) ($100 per additional person) within the same visit. 3 Reiki sessions are required for your benefit and I do not believe in one time Reiki sessions. To truly feel the amazing benefits Reiki offers, 10 sessions are recommended. Price refelects total cost for all 3 individual sessions.  Price refelects total cost for all 3 sessions. If you buy an additional 3 sessions receive $100 off.


I will travel within 30 miles of Oswego, IL. Outside of that there will be an additional fee dependent on the number of miles and time. Anything that may require hotel stay, extended driving, or out of state travel shall be paid and covered by the client including hotel stay, airfare, car rental, gas, etc. on top of my fee. 

Reiki/Animal Reiki Package

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  • 50% is due upfront ($200) and the other 50% is due the day before the 2nd session is to be given. If you cancel there are no refunds because that takes away from my time and being able to help another client. There is a $75 rescheduling fee to compensate if canceled within 72 hours prior to your session. I also cannot refund you the 50% deposit you paid for upfront. I am providing a service therefore no refunds are given for any reason. I kindly ask that my time be respected as I shall respect yours as well equally. Thank you for understanding.


I have a huge heart for animals so I donate to organizations to rescue animals that are abused and severely tortured. Part of my mission is to make a difference in the lives of animals across the entire planet. Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Animals feel things as we do such as love, pain, hunger, thirst, & being cold or hot. They are waiting & hoping someone will save them. Every action, every voice, and every dollar helps to save a life. If you see something that you know is wrong PLEASE CALL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY AND REPORT IT!!!

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