Your home is very precious to you and your family so how you feel in your environment is crucial to your health and well being. I know just how important it is to have the right energy surrounding your loved ones so I do more than just bless your home. 


My process will release negative energy, release mental & emotional imbalances, lift negative karma, balance aura & chakra energy, protect & cleanse your home, & help to bring prosperity and success. If you live in a large home that is more than 5,000 sq feet this price will change according to the size of the inside of the home.  


  • every room will be cleansed and purified
  • every room will be blessed with holy water
  • every room will be given Reiki energy to ensure protection
  • each family member willl also receive a Reiki & energy balancing session 
  • you will be given a certificate w/ a holder showing that your home was blessed
  • you will also be given a dosage bottle of flower essences that I personally made,  blessed, & gave Reiki energy to for you to spray in your home whenever needed


It is not unusual for this entire process to take roughly around 4 hours. Times vary depending on the size of the home and the family members. I will travel within 50 miles of Oswego, IL. Outside of that there will be an additional fee dependent on the number of miles and time. Anything that may require hotel stay, extended driving, or out of state travel shall be paid and covered by the client including hotel stay, airfare, car rental, gas, etc. on top of my fee.  A full 8 -10 hour day of my time is roughly $2,500 +/-

House Blessing & More!

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$1,500.00 Regular Price
$997.00Sale Price
  • 50% is due upfront and the other 50% is due the day before service is to be given. No refunds are given on the 50% deposit you paid for upfront to hold your spot. If it is within 7 days of service and you need to reschedule due to personal affairs there is a $300 rescheduling fee because this takes away from my time and being able to have helped another client. I am providing a service therefore no refunds are given for any reason. I kindly ask that my time be respected as I shall respect yours as well equally. Thank you for understanding.

I have a huge heart for animals so I donate to organizations to rescue animals that are abused and severely tortured. Part of my mission is to make a difference in the lives of animals across the entire planet. Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Animals feel things as we do such as love, pain, hunger, thirst, & being cold or hot. They are waiting & hoping someone will save them. Every action, every voice, and every dollar helps to save a life. If you see something that you know is wrong PLEASE CALL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY AND REPORT IT!!!

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