Pets, children, mothers-to-be, and seniors please know that this is safe and not toxic. It is not essential oils! Please visit the downloads section of this site to understand flower essences, to download the essence questions that I need answered from you & then fill out my contact form.


Great for pets too: Helps with anxiety,  behavorial issues, trauma, calm your pet due to death, re-location or family changes, immune support, digestive woes, abandonment issues, kennel/shelter problems, lack of appetite, & so much more! If this is your first time you must have an assessment!


Assessment w/ 1 oz dosage bottle is $60 (with dropper) Refill is $25

Assessment w/ 2 oz spray bottle is $75 (great for pets) Refill is $35

Add Reiki & Blessing is an additional $40

Special: Chakra Balancing formula 1 oz bottle $40


A $10 shipping charge will also be added to the total on all orders. 


Each bottle lasts anywhere from around 4-8 weeks dependent upon usage. I just need your email address for the assessment form.



Flower Essences for People & Pets

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  • Recommended dosage: 

    A 1 ounce bottle holds 500 drops of product.This is a month supply with 4 drops x 4 times a day.  You can put this on your tongue, under your tongue, on your wrist & neck like perfume/cologne,  in your bath & more. 

    Instructions: PLEASE READ!

    Once you receive the bottle gently tap the bottom of the bottle against your palm 100 x's to activate it. Do not leave it in the heat or sun and keep in a cool dry place without the bottle touching anything else if possible. Never allow the dropper to make contact with your body or tongue. If this happens please handwash the dropper so that you do not contaminate the energy of the liquid inside the bottle.

I have a huge heart for animals so I donate to organizations to rescue animals that are abused and severely tortured. Part of my mission is to make a difference in the lives of animals across the entire planet. Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Animals feel things as we do such as love, pain, hunger, thirst, & being cold or hot. They are waiting & hoping someone will save them. Every action, every voice, and every dollar helps to save a life. If you see something that you know is wrong PLEASE CALL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY AND REPORT IT!!!

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