• Skye Fleming

The Balance of Life

Hi, how've you been? I've had an interesting passed two weeks, My car may have a blown motor, I have a tooth that has an abscess, mammogram results show that I may have a tumor on my left breast and need further testing, my one daughter got into a car accident, my other daughter was hospitalized for the fifth time, a payment to me was never received, had to do a lineup with the state police on the guy who sexually assaulted me, energy is drained from health issues, due to chest pain I also have to see a cardiologist. This is not the complete list by any means, however, it's a clear enough picture of how life has unfolded just to give you an idea that you're not alone with your problems. The main question here is, "how do you look at your problems?"

I'm sharing this with you because you have to remember that you're not being singled out from the rest of the world. There truly is a balance in life and you will only go as far as you can handle but then there is only one way to return and that is back up again. Life is like the ocean waves where sometimes the tide is high and sometimes the tide is low. Just know when that tide is low that eventually it has to go back up again. It may not feel like it but it will. Have faith in knowing that everything that is happening to you is for a reason, you just need to figure it out the life lessons being presented before you. All of it really is balance in life. My pendulum was swinging pretty good so I need to figure out the puzzle in order to solve why all of this negativity happened. I have an idea but further research and study has to be done.

I've noticed that when these events do happen to me there is a pattern where each time I'm given even more to handle all at once. Overwhelming and stressful? Sure but I also know that this is it, this is a test before my greatness comes. I have got to show my strength, wisdom, faith, and love knowing that on the other side after all of this is a beautiful sky full of magic and stars. I know I was meant to do something great and that I have a purpose here on earth. So go ahead and continue to test me to see just how much I can handle as I climb up this ladder that leads me towards my destiny. I am ready, I have always been ready, I follow the clues and I connect the dots. When bad things happen people have a tendency to look down, if only they'd realize it's as easy as just looking up. Stay positive knowing there is a light that you will see.