• Skye Fleming

Moving Forward

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

So like we all get up and start another day over again. Do you do yours the same or differently? Are there any variances in your routine or are you on a strict command of ego satisfying justice? Routines are awesome! Schedules are good! Achieving goals even better! If you do not have one single variance in your daily life then how can you experience this gift we call life? It would be like putting you inside of a bubble where nothing ever changes. There is nothing beyond that scope. If you really want to experience the deep dark pleasures that can hit every nerve and raise every bump on your body as the tingle is slowly blown up the spine of your back as you feel the arousal from what you are experiencing... It's okay to let go and not be so serious all the time. Really, it's okay! The pleasure alone is very satisfying! I love adventure, I love being spontaneous, I love planning things out too, I just love life! I have so much passion, desire, love, and strength inside of me.

Find your inner Goddess and amplify that shit!

Still pissed off about something from last week? It's okay too but you have to move on, seriously! You cannot change the past, it's gone, poof! Every single second that ticks away you are in charge of making choices for your life. Why are you choosing to be in a bad mood about something you can't change. Maybe you can change something but that would be for today not last week so you need to feel today's emotions with today's decisions and today's actions.

Besides, if you live in the past you'll never be here in the present moment with me ;)

If you want more pleasure in life you have to accept the fact that you are going to have to accept new facts!

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