• Skye Fleming

What Are Your Lessons?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

So here I am, age 45, wondering where the hell 25 years of my life went?! Damn, it went by so quickly too! My oldest daughter is turning 25 this summer OMG! My journey was slow and long so I can tell you that things really don't just happen over night. There is NO special magical online webinar or pill that can beat me on this either so don't get fooled and save your money! Life is effort but I can tell you that eventually you will see something at the end of that effort. It may not seem like it now, but you have to be patient. We are all unique and whatever challenges you may be facing, I guarantee that someone else somewhere has even bigger challenges they are facing. It holds so true when you here people say that it could be a lot worse. They are right and it can be. Point being here is that whatever you are going through is for a reason. I know that may sound crazy but hold on. I'm sure you've heard of life lessons and this is what you need to understand. No matter how bad or how small it may be you have to sit back, relax, think outside the box, & figure out what exactly is the lesson here to be learned.

My first husband abused me physically, mentally, sexually, & emotionally. I can tell you that there were many lessons to be learned. Today as a mature woman who has found self-completeness I can say "thank you" to him. What? Is she crazy? Thank him! #@*#! I know what you may be thinking. He did that stuff to me and I should have other visions yes? Maybe the old immature me did, however, if I were weak today because of him then I lay at his level and he wins! Negative thoughts will lead me to nowhere! Guess what? He will NEVER win! I am who I am today because of him. I am a strong confident woman because of him. I would never let another man hit me because of him. This time I would kick his you know what before he could even raise his hand! I stand up for myself in ALL situations because of him. I have dissolved business relationships when people were against it because I knew that one person would ruin the business and it is all because of him. I do NOT live in fear. I live in the present moment which has served me well. There are so many great lessons that came from those horrible years with him.

"Stare at the stars every night with wonder and curiosity as you start tapping into the mystical world we live in. Don't feel lost, instead slowly

become reconnected!"


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