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It's just one of those days

Updated: Jul 13

Where do I begin? Ever have that day where almost everything goes wrong? You want to rant, have a drink, or maybe you crave that cigarette you've not had in how long, or simply you just wanna scream "fuck you!" Well I had one of those days last week and the interesting part was that all day my 19yr old son had the same bullshit happening to him all day. Wow! What the hell right? let it go...just let it go 😌 😭 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Prior to this I was very saddened and felt like I had an empty hole. They ended Queen of the South! OMFG!!!! Why??? I was traumatized for like a week. I went through this same traumatization with Twilight and The 100. Recently I found Big Little Lies and yes that spark ignited again within me. Oh but then it ended after season two and there was no more. I absolutely loved the women and their personalities too because I related to them so much!!! FYI...This is how you will feel when you work with me!

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