• Skye Fleming

I Love Days like These...

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

So my older daughter and I went to celebrate Mother's Day because she won't be around next weekend. We had a great time going for pedicures, going out to eat, then enjoying a small buzz and conversation before she took off. When we were done we were charged double the price. Realize my daughter picked a normal color and I asked for a French manicure which is only $5 more from what came with the classic package. The total obviously made no sense. It should have been $70 total for both of us + $5 yet she said it was $142! Then she says, "no chip." What! Seriously? I never asked for no chip. When we were brought back, like literally our nail polish bottles were already there next to our chairs. Then the lady told me to go back to the chair so she can take off the no chip since I do not want it and that she'll repaint my nails with regular white polish. WOW! LMFAO!!! So, she wanted to take more of my time, use more of her products, and this solves what? I've never dealt with anything like that before nor been accused of asking for something that I really never asked for. Talk about ridiculous!

Anyways, the good outweighs the bad as it should. I didn't let something so silly get in the way of my happiness; today was my day! I came up with a compromise and settled. Some things just are not worth it. I did stand up for myself because the whole thing was just bad. That's like charging someone for a color when they only got a haircut, right?! Good memories is what I call it and it's a Mother's Day to remember for sure! So, I hope everyone makes the most just not of that particular day, but let it be a lesson to live in the moment and don't let things come in between you and your happiness.

#lovemyselffirst #coachingstronggoddesses #gabyourfab #skyefleming #rescueanimalseverywhere

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