• Skye Fleming

Ever Have This Happen to You?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

So, I was like, huh! Do I go out there or do I not go out there?! So it's bin night, ya know garbage! It was my turn to bring them to the end of the driveway. It was almost 10pm so I didn't want to make noise any time after that. A group of guys were hanging out in the cul-de-sac being very loud, so I did not want to open my garage door and go out there. I was also wearing a pink low cut fitted tank, so I really did not want to go out there! Then I thought, "I could go put on a jacket and do it." No! I should not have to change my clothes or alter my outfit just to bring out the damn garbage. No! This is so silly and stupid! I should be able to bring out my garbage with zero stress, right?!

So, have you ever had this happen to you? It's really interesting how we can react to shit. Seriously, all we had to do was to take a step back for a moment to view it as a whole. I call this my 3-6-9 solution.

3 reasons I need to see clearly

1- Why am I feeling the way that I am feeling?

2- Is it true or is it crap my mind made up?

3- Are other things interacting with my judgement where I am ignoring my inner

guidance, my intuition?

6 ways to solve the problem

1- Identify that the problem is not with them, it's with me

2- Why is it with me into the fact of why do I have this problem?

3- Realize the truth shall set you free. I'm a little insecure, I want nothing to do with

men, I don't want to hear what they have to say or deal with them all staring at me

which is so annoying

4- Realize that I cannot live in the eyes of others

5- Who gives a fuck what they think? It's none of my business what other people think!

This is my life. I'm here to make me happy.

6- Stare or talk about me, it's okay because I want to take out my garbage so I can go

watch that movie, I want to feel good about having it done, I want to feel

accomplished and confident, I want to prove to myself that no matter what the

obstacle is I will conquer my fears.

Now, are you going to let a group of guys take all of this good stuff away from you? Hell no you're not! You gotta do you! You have to seriously be a little selfish to make yourself happy. You literally in your mind have to say, "fuck everyone else and what they may think about me!" Stop caring!!! Otherwise you will never get to where you want to go in life and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve!

9 times each day read the solution (#6), say it, think it, feel it, & feel it as though it's already done

12 weeks reevaluate yourself

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