I've been a single mom since 2011, I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, adventurer, both an introvert and extrovert, spontaneous, caring, and fun to be around as I love to make people laugh. I've learned to live with my heart and to use my intuition as a guide instead of allowing my mind to run my life.


I graduated with Summa Cum Laude Honors and aside from my Ph.D., I'm also certified in several different areas of expertise. I have both the knowledge and personal experience for what it takes to transform your life and your environment. Once I learned the secrets to transformation, I used them to not only transform my own life but to help others to do the same.


I have a deep love and passion for animals on our planet. I am committed to saving animals around the world that don't have a voice to speak for themselves. Too many animals are suffering hoping that tomorrow will bring less pain. As a pet owner and animal lover, it is my goal to save as many animals as I can to help this fight against cruelty. Animals feel what we feel they just can't express themselves through creativity as we can through things such as words, drawings, paintings, & writing.