I am a Master Certified Transformational Mindset Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotist, an Advanced Energy Healing Reiki Master & more. I used to be in a very dark place years ago. I felt like there was no hope or any bright light at the end of any tunnel. Not only did I discover more than I thought I ever could but it brought me on a journey to discovery of myself and our world. I have continued to share my knowledge and experience while helping so many people to get through wherever they are stuck, whatever they are going through, and to get them to where they want to be in life.


When I am not busy, I am studying at two different universities; one is for my Doctoral specializing in Spiritual Counseling focusing on addiction-based relationships & the other is for my Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling. I will become an Ordained Minister in the near future as well. I chose this path because most of the relationships that I've had have been revolved around an addiction of some sort since the age of 10. I learned how to survive each one and to move forward in a positive direction while taking my life lessons along with me. My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can to be strong and to discover their inner light as I did.

Hi! I would describe myself

as the following:

Adventurous, passionate, empathetic, loving, blunt, fun, silly, serious, honest, motivated, committed, outgoing, professional, positive, & patient. If you are looking for someone who works hard, uses their heart in understanding while helping, yet is also not afraid to speak up and feels like a breath of fresh air in this world we live in then I am your woman.


I have a huge heart for animals! I feel that they need a lot of help and a lot more people to get involved. I donate to organizations to help stop and rescue animals that are abused and severely tortured. I do take this very seriously!!! This is a part of my mission so that I can make a difference in the lives of animals across the entire planet. Your help in this is greatly appreciated. Every action, every voice, and every dollar helps to save a life. If you see something that you would not do to yourself, your children, a friend, a sibling, or anyone then you know that it is wrong and it should not be done to an animal either. ANIMALS FEEL EVERYTHING as we do including emotions, love, pain, hunger, thirst, cold, hot, and cry for help waiting & hoping someone will save them. PLEASE CALL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY AND REPORT IT!!! 





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